About Us

Alpit Ltd. is one of the oldest companies in the field of machining in Israel.
The company was founded in 1969 and is a family-owned company with over 50 years of experience in machining.
Alpit specializes in the production of parts in machining, emphasizing the operation of the latest equipment in the forefront of global technology, all under the supervision of ISO 9001:2015 quality system and medical standard ISO 13485:2016.
Alpit works with a wide range of clients in the fields of medicine, aviation, electro-optics, agriculture and orthopedic and dental implants. Over the years, the machining market has changed and the parts have become more complex, in smaller quantities and in addition to our customers' demand for parts at shorter times, have led Alpit to acquire equipment that is at the forefront of technology to meet market demands.

Why Choose Us?


Gaining reputation and appreciation in the market, speaking for themselves with over 50 years experience in the machining market


Production of parts with complex geometries, combining a number of operations into a single sheet of milling and turning in parts of very small dimensions to large parts


Meeting the schedule and even earlier according to customer demand

Complementary solutions

Providing technological solutions for parts where additional processes such as erosion, wire cutting, laser cutting, thermal treatment, sand blasting and coating are required

Support for startups

Providing solutions for start-up companies, from the development stage to the production stage, while providing engineering and manufacturing assistance accompanied by personal attention and focusing on customer needs

Support for prototypes production

Production of prototypes from the planning stage, providing engineering assistance in the selection of materials, and optimization of the drawings in order to reduce costs during the production transition stage, until production of series after approval of the parts


Production Floor

The variety of technologies and production means available to us, enable us to provide solutions from the development stage (prototype production) to the serial production stage, assembling assemblies and sub-assemblies.
Our machines allow to perform parts of a single sheet of integrated milling and turning from a rod up to 65 mm in diameter, including performing a complementary operation to finish the part in a single sheet.
Parts of 5-axis simultaneous milling up to 800 mm diameter.
Other operations that can be performed during the machining process include working with 0.1 mm and greater tools in a variety of materials, producing external and internal teeth, probing and sharpening, without the need for further sheet - allowing parts to be performed at very high levels of accuracy without the need for sub-operations. Capabilities demonstration video


Alpit has many years of experience in machining a wide variety of materials including:

  1. Aluminium 7075, 7050, 2024, 5052, 6063

  2. Stainless steel PH 15.5, PH 17-4, 416, 316, 304, 303

  3. Steel 4130, 4140, 4340, 1117, 1010-1060, ST37

  4. Plastic materials: Delarin, Teflon, Artlite, Okolon, Tekaform, Nylon 6/6, Ultam, Pick, Armored Pick, PPSU

  5. Exotic materials: Beryllium Cooper, Titanium, Tungsten, Brass, Copper, Gold, Phosphor Bronze, Zirconium, M42 (h.ss.)

Inspection Floor

The manufactured parts undergo quality control using advanced technological means, which are the last word in the field of measuring equipment:

  1. OGP FLASH200 C.N.C Optical imaging system

  2. MITUTOYO X, Y, Z Measuring machine

  3. TRIMOS Altimeter

  4. Gauges: pins, rings and threaded gauges

The process of quality assurance is expressed from the bid stage to the packaging stage, in order to ensure supply to the customer of the highest quality parts.
Quality control includes inspection reports (COT), material quality certificates (COA) and COC certificates (coating certificates and thermal processes).

Quality Assurance

Alpit operates according to international standards, which enable the monitoring of production on an ongoing basis, while providing backup to customers according to their various requirements. Alpit is certified to the following standards:

  1. ISO 9001:2015

  2. Medical standard ISO 13485:2016

The Company is committed to producing and providing its customers with products and services that fully comply with their detailed wishes and requirements, while achieving full satisfaction measured throughout the period of activity with the customer.


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